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Creating Your Own eBay Listing Template

Since I recently listed my first piece on eBay (, I noticed all these attractive listing formats and wanted mine to look that good along with show off my style. If you create a listing from beginning to end entirely on eBay's website you get a listing with the main picture in the upper-left hand corner with the other (12) pictures you uploaded and just the text description when you scroll down .... and that's it.

The listings I was coming across were far fancier with borders around their entire listing body (description and pictures) and it had an actual graphical background - they look great ! How to get mine to look like that ?? I did searches online and the same sites kept coming up, sites that had either templates that looked out-dated, not my style at all or there was a fee associated with it - not for me. I even reached out to other artists for help, artists that had great-looking listings, artists that I am connected to through online sculpting foru…