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Creating Your Own eBay Listing Template

Since I recently listed my first piece on eBay (, I noticed all these attractive listing formats and wanted mine to look that good along with show off my style. If you create a listing from beginning to end entirely on eBay's website you get a listing with the main picture in the upper-left hand corner with the other (12) pictures you uploaded and just the text description when you scroll down .... and that's it.

The listings I was coming across were far fancier with borders around their entire listing body (description and pictures) and it had an actual graphical background - they look great ! How to get mine to look like that ?? I did searches online and the same sites kept coming up, sites that had either templates that looked out-dated, not my style at all or there was a fee associated with it - not for me. I even reached out to other artists for help, artists that had great-looking listings, artists that I am connected to through online sculpting foru…

Poser to DAZ Character Import

I'll try to make this short (as far as words go), sweet, to
the point and full of pictures as I can.

I started on Poser 7, creating my characters using V4, M4,
H4, G4, A4. When I realized how powerful Studio was, how effortless, how
seamless (clothes fit on the characters bodies, no matter their shape, FAR
better in Studio) I decided to migrate all my characters over to Studio.

What I found was that some characters weren't importing into
DAZ ! I freaked. But now, after trying DAZ support and not working, I figured
it out the hard way. It's actually simple. Let's jump right in (hahaa);

The Solution
Find a Poser-created character that DOES Import successfully
into Studio. Once you Find which one works, open that character in Poser and do
the following, keep in mind this "SHOULD" always work;

Step 1: Add your entire character to the Figures LibraryStep 2: Name Your character

Step 1: Find your recently added character in the Figure Library and
double-click to add them to the …

Creation Up For Sale

Okay Everyone,

I finally decided to put this piece up for sale. Took some time, but here she is;

Interim Creation 03: Faerie


Hi Everyone :-)

I wanted to let everyone know that I just completed a TuT (tutorial) on making wings for those of you who need help with this area. I wanted a different method than what I currently knew so I was able to come up with this one and I'm very, very happy with the results.

I sure do hope this helps.

FDMj Creations Wing TuT

Sculpting to A Size

I'm excited to share this little tid-bit.

Earlier when I started sculpting, I had told myself I wanted to keep my sculptures at approx. 6" or smaller. (sigh) that didn't end up being the case with my first few pieces, sadly. They ended up being over 7" which in my eyes was too big for the "effect" I was wanting to portray with my pieces. So, I got an idea from a TuT I purchased from Apryl Jensen about mermaids and to make the fins, she had a print-out of the fins to use as a guide.

It took me a little while before the light bulb went off in my head. Then here it came - an idea (YaY). I thought, "I can do that with the entire body of my sculpture to ensure it stays at a certain height !". So it began. I took some reference pictures of humans and opened them in an image editing program, Photoshop. I then displayed the rulers along the edges of the document for accuracy (as seen below) then right-clicked on the ruler and selected "inches" s…

Measurements; How To Read Them

Okay !

Kind of embarrassing, but ! if I needed to know, chances are so would other people. So, I graduated high school in 2000 and during high school, math wasn't my favorite subject so needless to say I didn't keep up with it after graduation. When I entered the world of OOAK sculpting and I came to the point of having / needing to use tubes / rods in my sculptures (to help the sculpture stand on a base) - dangit ! there it was again (hehee). So I got fed up with not knowing how big things were as I didn't know / forgot how to read a ruler (yes-yes, I know).

Finally after the research, I found the right information that helped me understand it the best and here it is how I've come to understand it;

There's 8ths, 32nds, the half mark, the quarter mark and the 16ths.

10mm (milometers) equals 1cm (centimeter)

10mm = 1cm as shown below;

This video below is actually very helpful and the best I've found so far. It breaks everything down. To get right to the part abo…

Finished Interim Creation 02; Things Learned

As this was my first try at a mermaid sculpture, I'm very happy with how it came out overall. Now for things learned;

1 ) Flat-back pre-made eyes: These I found are really only good for creating sculptures that will be looking straight ahead and not looking off to the side with their eyeballs only. Reason being that the flat backs are pointy oval shaped and the edges of the eyes could potentially poke out the side of the head or make your eyeballs look mispositioned like below

2 ) Creating proportionate, good-looking ears: Normally, I see artists sculpt the head then add clay to the sides of the head t create the ears. I came to realize that for my style of sculpting, that method wasn't doing it for me. So, I came up with this; I actually make the head bigger and poofier head by adding more clay o the side of the head before I start sculpting the ears area, like so

then sculpting the ears into the head (pictured below) so I don't have to add clay. Then, I just shave off the e…

OOAK Mermaid Scale Tool

Finally !

I was confused on what artists used to create those great, realistic looking scales on the mermaid tails. I was starting to freak out because I was in the process of sculpting my very first one and I was almost to the part were I needed to create the scales and I was at a loss.

I'm part of several OOAK forum communities and even after looking there it was still not really the answer I was looking for. So ! I did a '' search and I found it !

Image by Morezmore

I was so relieved to finally find this and even more so to use it and see the results. So, as you've read, I'm working on a Mermaid which is my very first one (excited !) and I'm close to finishing .... I'll blog again regarding the questions / obstacles that arose during that piece so I can help as much as I can. Keep watching.

Now Actively Blogging on ‘Blogger’ Again

Hi Everyone,

I know that a lot of people that prefer one blogging service over another (as I recently did) and when you find a great, great blog you want to follow that’s not on the service you primarily use for your blog to follow, it’s annoying that you can’t get updates of that other-service blog you like so much.

So, since I recently re-discovered Blogger and they captured my attention with their site re-vamping, there’s things I like very much about both Blogger and WordPress and I thought to myself “I don’t HAVE to choose one over the other !” and to make it convenient for people who use either service – I’ve decided to start blogging equally both on my Blogger and my WordPress so no matter which service you prefer / have, you can still follow, worry-free (YaY).

The same exact posts will be posted on both services, so, no need to worry :-D

Talk to everyone soon.

WordPress Blog

Finished Creation 010-003; Things Learned

I wanted to blog about lessons learned. I learned a couple things with this sculpture, if not, a few.

1 ) If the head of your sculpture will be resting on another limb of the sculpture, like a head resting in the hands as below, sculpt and cure / bake the body first so there’s a solid foundation. If you sculpt and cure the head first then go on to sculpting the body, to then attach the head on the un-cured body, the cured head will weigh down the body as it will be top-heavy and will make it very, very hard to continue to sculpt and get the pose exactly the way you want it when there’s the head pushing down on the body – lesson learned.

2 ) I know everyone says this but you don’t really grasp how important it is until you “live it”. Make sure your sculptures are solidly cured all the way. Just because they “feel” hard and cured doesn’t mean every area of the sculpture is completely cured. There may be some thin / narrow areas like ankles, wrists, fingers, that might still yet need more …

Fixing Moonies on OOAK Sculptures

Moonies are unfortunate but fixable (thank goodness).

Moonies: A moonie is a bubble of air that gets trapped in the polymer clay and when you bake your piece, it will show as a whitish spot in the form of a half moon or a bump in a lighter color. That’s why they’re called “moonies”.

I searched for videos of doing this but didn’t really find any. Just written instructions on how to do so. I’m a visual learner and always prefer a video tutorial to a text one. I will soon create video TuTs as my primary way of communicating “how-tos”, but for now I’m going to be as clear, coherent and detailed as I can. I have created a PDF TuT of this which I will post momentarily on the FDMj Creationswebsite.

.... Okay, its done and added the new Tutorial (TuT) to the FDMj Creations website; ‘Fixing Moonies’. Check it out –